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Here is a description of some of the gifts to be offered. 

Guest Speaker
     Addressing the topic of spiritual awakening and recovery 
Spiritual Director
Offering individual conversation to assist the other in maintaining and developing his/her relationship with God.
Reiki Practioner
Level II
A hands-on healing art form that helps you feel better and heal better.  Reiki means 'universal life force.'
I call this life force "grace."


Twelve Step Spirituality
Spirituality in the Marketplace

Bio-Spirituality through Focusing
Spiritual Recovery for Today

Spirituality and Aging
The Myth of Power and Control

Retreat Facilitator/Leader
  • Guided day/evening of prayer.
  • Directed Prayer Retreat
  • Preached Retreat
  • Private Directed Retreat
Themes for group retreat have included:
  • Finding God in your everyday life.
  • Couples Way to God.
  • Walking with God through 12 Step Recovery.
  • Single Parent's way to partner with God.
  • Powerless for God.
  • Mothers & Daughters share Faith
  • Spiritual Recovery for Life.
  • Spirituality in Retirement Years

If God does this for the smallest bird, imagine what God will do for us.