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A Consultancy for those in the Corporate Community seeking to bring a sense of spiritual vitality and energy to the workplace.

Spirituality is that which pertains to the spirit and the spirit is that which gives breath, vitality, meaning, direction. (Webster)

Deepek Chopra, one of Time magazine’s Top 100 icons and heroes of the last century, has said of business and spirituality: “A leader represents the symbolic soul of a community in which he or she lives. The time has come when leadership has to be based on spirituality.”

Today’s headlines cry out for transformation and new meaning-making in the business world. Jack Shea, a well known author and lecturer tells us “Don’t park your soul at the door.” He tells us that in some organizations spiritual depth is a desirable feature of high-level leadership. He says, “In the minds of many, cultivating spirit contributes to employee morale and performance excellence.”

Dr. Cutts and Sr. Murphy believe that what is at the heart of good leadership is the person fully alive and integrated to the best of being human. This, they believe, is to take the best of the mind’s knowing, the best of the body’s doing and merge them with the best of the heart’s wisdom. This integration has been shown to produce a high level of productivity and effectiveness that sustains the worker and company in every season of the business cycle.

Yes, one can and must be spiritual at work if one wants to be fully alive.

The Heart of Leadership Program nurtures effective leadership in organizations. It can be tailored to meet the needs and availability of clients in any type of organization. We conduct:

* Lunch time series, day programs, or two to three day retreats that introduce the participant to the dynamics and power of true leadership grounded in authentic spirituality.

* Multidimensional learning experiences that include dynamic presentations, audience participation, and integrate FUN in the process!

* A process that invites one to awaken and renew his or her sense of the spirit life within, and to draw strength from this to increase effectiveness at work.

A lack of effective leadership can create serious and quite varied workplace consequences such as: Reduced productivity; increased supervision overhead; excessive employee turnover; increased stress; low morale; decreased customer satisfaction; and damaged management credibility.

The Heart of Leadership Program raises the bar on the bottom line. Research has proven that long-lasting abundance happens when the “soul of business” is centered on spiritual principles.


This topic helps you to identify your ideal scenario for the success of your organization and identifies concrete ways to manifest this vision of success.


This topic will help you to establish a clear vision of the desired direction for your group or organization. Participants learn that leadership begins within and self-management is essential.


Ideally detachment is based on the premise that each person is responsible for himself or herself. Detachment is letting go with love, care and service. This topic helps you to adopt an attitude of awareness, openness, and detachment as the way of becoming a more effective leader.


Attitude is the energy of your leadership. The two tracks of energy are openness and fear. This topic helps you to see how opposing attitudes can impact relationships, especially with those you lead. To serve others well, leaders must first know themselves and be free of ego driven attachments.

The Heart of Leadership Consultants:

Sister Maureen Murphy, O.P. is a highly respected guest lecturer and retreat leader who conducts numerous retreats, workshops and seminars addressing spiritual growth and development. A part of her vision is to nurture the current trend within the corporate culture to initiate services that address the spiritual energy of the worker and to create highly effective and spiritually grounded leaders.

R. Nicole Cutts, Ph.D. is committed to physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Dr. Cutts believes that this integrated balance naturally flows to and through the workplace. An artist, therapist, consultant, and avid yoga student, Dr. Cutts lives out the integrity she presents. She is eager to help organizations and their employees clarify and achieve their Vision of Success.


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