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I am a Dominican Sister of Blauvelt, New York whose vision and work is committed to the awakening and renewing of spirituality. My personal and professional experiences have revealed to me that the dominant cultures affecting my life had separated me from the spiritual dimensions of being human. This insight gives me a unique perspective that I am called to share with others about spirituality and the spiritual life through seminars, retreats, and workshops.

I believe the journey and the challenge of this time in history is to recover that which has been lost to us; to regain that which has been separated. How might this be accomplished? Here's how:

  • Twelve Step Recovery: a peer support program that has been proven successful over the last half century.

  • Corporate Employer Awareness: a current trend within the corporate culture to initiate services that address the spiritual life of the worker.

  • Other Resources: we need only look toward the best seller lists and the themes of high rated talk shows to get many more suggestions on how to awaken, renew and recover the spiritual life in our time and space.

What is The Spiritual Life and How Can It Change My Power to Function and Be More Effective?

The Spiritual Life is an inclusive way of living that calls us to a higher level of consciousness and integration that most of our systems, to date, have not duplicated.  When the soul is guided and lead by spiritual principles, the energy that is produced is highly creative, motivated and focused.  The driving force becomes outer-directed and therefore open and ready to engage the energy of others in positive directions toward a common project or cause.

In other words, independent, I remain a single unit; interconnected and integrated, I have the collective power of a larger whole.  When I am in dialogue with others, the whole works in harmony to its highest potential of efficiency. Spirituality is the key that unlocks the power and control model and points to an empowerment model of cooperation and generosity.

Without help the journey, the task is too much for us.  But there is a Power that is waiting to be... awakened within us.  May you find that Power today.


I welcome the opportunity to serve you in your search by bringing my gifts to you as a guest speaker, as a workshop presenter, as a retreat leader.  Check "Gifts" for further information.



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With God, all things are possible

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A member of the Dominican Sisters of Blauvelt, NY